A new way to send and receive invoices.

Our new e-invoicing feature allows you to create, send, and receive electronic invoices with the click of a button. Sign up for Invoiced Business Network to securely send digital invoices to your customers from Invoice Generator.

Invoiced Business Network Diagram

Unlock the benefits of e-invoicing.

Why e-invoicing?

Better than email

With e-invoicing your invoices no longer get lost in someone's email inbox.

Fastest way to get paid

E-invoicing is the fastest, most accurate, and cost-effective way to send, process, and validate invoices.

Invoice status updates

Both buyer and seller have real-time visibility into the status of invoices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Introducing Invoiced Business Network.

How does it work?

Sending e-invoices through the network is an easy process:

1. Create a free Invoiced Business Network account.
2. Invite your buyer to join the network.
3. Once connected to your buyer on the network you can send invoices from Invoice Generator.

How much does it cost?


Invoiced Business Network is 100% free to send and receive invoices.

If you choose to accept payments through the network there is a payment processing fee when your buyer makes a successful payment.

How do I get paid?

You can specify the payment methods you want to accept when sending the invoice. Your buyer can then opt to pay you using any of the payment methods you've given.

Why is it better than email?

With e-invoicing your invoices no longer get lost in someone's email inbox, or worse, spam folder. In addition to sending a PDF of the invoice, your buyer will receive line item level invoice data that can be plugged into their accounts payable portal or accounting system.

As a result your buyer always receives your invoice and can approve paying you faster.

How do I access my invoices?

Invoices are stored securely in the cloud in case you ever need to retrieve them for tax or legal reasons.

How secure is the network?

Sending invoices through Invoiced Business Network is a more secure option than sending invoices through email. E-invoicing is also beneficial to your buyers. Your buyers will be assured when they receive invoices from you through the network that they are authentic.