Best Practices - Invoicing Guide

Best Practices

How do I make the invoicing process as easy and low-maintenance as possible?

Now you know how to use the Invoice Generator to create invoices for your customers. Let’s make sure this process doesn’t create more work for you. Here are some tips:

Create invoices that have all the information your customer needs.

When you fill out the Invoice Generator, err on the side of more detail rather than less. This makes it easier for both you and your customer to refer back to the invoice in the future. Providing a detailed description of the product or service can easily answer any questions about what the invoice is for. And including phone numbers and email addresses makes it easy to follow-up. You never know who might be processing your invoice - accounts payable might need a quick phone call or email to clear up any questions.

Number your invoices, download them and save them in a place that is easily accessible.

This way you’ll always have a unique number associated with each one, and finding them later will be a snap if they are saved in one place.

Send your invoices on time and to the right person.

Don’t wait until 3 months after services have been rendered to send your invoice. Determine a format for sending - such as twice a month, or when a contract is signed - and stick to it. And make sure you are sending the invoice to the appropriate person. There’s nothing more frustrating than sending a detailed invoice and following up on it repeatedly, only to find that it should be in someone else’s inbox.

Use payment terms to get paid in a timely manner.

There are various types of payment terms you can use to expedite payments. Learn about the different types and determine which ones best suit your business. Collecting a 50% up-front payment, offering a discount to customers who pay within 10 days of the invoice date, and adding late fees for those that wait until after NET 30 days to pay are all options. Do some research on payment terms that are effective in your field, and try out a few to see which ones work best.

Send reminders to reinforce payment terms.

Are your standard payment terms NET 30, with late fees accruing starting on Day 31? Consider sending reminders on NET 10 and NET 20 to encourage customers to make a payment and avoid late fees. Whatever your terms, determine an effective way to remind your customers to pay up.

If you’re selling a product or service, invoicing will become part of your regular business activities. It doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming though - just follow the tips above to use our free Invoice Generator.